Some of our favourite movies and shows over the years have left a lasting impression. But what ever happened to the starring actors and actresses? Though a few have gone on to bigger and better things, many haven’t been successful in Hollywood. We’re looking at what went wrong for all these stars in the fickle world of showbusiness.

There are all sorts of reasons why Hollywood stops casting a previously successful celebrity, and we’re going to look at them . In some cases, actors have turned their back on the livelihood, but many others were not given another option. Find out where these once-hot actors have been in the past couple of years.

Megan Fox Has a Big Mouth

Actress Megan Fox rose to prominence at the film franchise. She had previously been relatively unknown before director Michael Bay gave her her big break, but she had plenty to say about the guy. “He wants to be like Hitler on his collections, also he’s,” she said in an interview. She ended up leaving the franchise, but it is pretty understood she was given no other option.

When asked in an interview about falling Megan in the Transformers, Michael said,”She had been in another universe, on her Blackberry (phone.)” He disclosed that director Steven Spielberg told him to”fire her” after her dancing comment. From that point, other studios continued to give her a chance at salvation, but every picture she was in got panned by critics and audiences alike. Basically, she is not cut out for showbiz.

Tobey Maguire Ages Like a Fine Wine

There are four major reasons why we don’t see Tobey Maguire anymore because his key stint as Spider-Man. Firstly, the studio needed to replace him because he was getting too old for the role — he had been pushing 35. Secondly, in 2011 Tobey was linked to a poker clubof which a secretary told the media that he”was the worst tipper, the best player, and the absolute worst loser.” Discuss bad publicity.

Thirdly, Tobey was getting older and wanted to play more mature roles, but couldn’t shake off his naturally boyish looks. Still, he could not carry on playing a 20-year-old anymore. And finally, he has become a dad to two kids with his recently-divorced ex-wife Jennifer Meyer. Let us just say he has his hands pretty full.

Seann William Scott Is Heard but Not Seen

Seann William Scott climbed in fame after starring as Steve Stifler in the American Pie franchise. But when he was one of the primary actors in other movies like Dude, Where’s My Car? And Dukes of Hazzard, they didn’t do well with both audiences and critics. On top of that, he’s been totally typecast. Speaking about his role as Stifler, Seann said:”I don’t want to be called that character forever.”

He continued:”Now I am probably realizing that I’m known as that personality forever.” That having been said, he played with a recurring part from the Ice Age franchise voicing the character Crash. And he has been supporting himself with this, along with other voiceover work, ever since.

Brendan Fraser Can’t Get Taken Seriously

Brendan Fraser utilized to star in several Hollywood movies. However, in 2010 he starred in two box office duds — Furry Vengeance and Extraordinary Steps. This tarnished his previous winning streak with Hollywood, and things only continued to get worse out there.

He continued to look in film after film, which failed to even make back the production costs in the box office. And right when he was really needing some favorable publicity to earn his good name, he was turned into an online meme for his goofy laughing in an awards show. Basically, Hollywood only can’t take him seriously anymore

Jessica Alba Fell Out of Love With Showbiz

Fantastic Four was Jessica Alba’s big break, but the experience left a sour taste in her mouth. The director asked her to”be more intelligent when you cry,” which direct Jessica to a whirl of self-doubt. She later admitted that”then it all got me thinking: Aren’t good enough? Do people despise [my emotions] so much they don’t need me to be a person? And so I just said,’F*** it. I don’t care about this business anymore. ‘”

She still popped up in films but not really starred in leading roles. She opted to focus on her growing family life and new natural consumer goods industry, The Honest Company. And it has been pretty profitable. She swapped out showbiz for the chance to make infant and family goods safer, and it’s been paying off.

Mike Myers Found His Favorite Role

Saturday Night Live,” Wayne’s World, Austin Powers, and Shrek — all add up to making a Massive star from Mike Myers. His comedic acting style was a hit with viewers, but he’s been noticeably absent since he starred in The Love Guru at 2008. And there are two big reasons why we just don’t see him around anymore. Primarily, he’s a man of many hobbies and much prefers painting or playing Dungeons & Dragons now that he’s made his millions.

But secondly, Mike’s been loving his life as a father to three kids. In an interview, he revealed:”Anyone who tells you fatherhood is the greatest thing that can happen to you, they are understating it. I’m the happiest I have ever been in my entire life.” Happily married to cafe owner Kelly Tisdale because 2010, Mike couldn’t care less about Hollywood nowadays.

Rob Schneider’s Opinion’s Held Him Back

Rob Schneider use to be a familiar face on the Hollywood circuit. But there are two major reasons for why he is failing to get work like he did. Primarily, his best-known roles were always supporting roles, like when he was the Cajun man in Adam Sandler’s movie The Waterboy. And then, these films weren’t received well by audiences or critics alike.

On top of that, he’s come out as a loud and joyful anti-vaxxer. He had been vocal about offenses in 2014, citing their connection to adultery, and it is a theory that has been debunked. His contentious stance led to insurance company State Farm dropping him from their advertising campaign the same season, and his career hasn’t recovered since.

Jennifer Connelly Couldn’t Stand the Stress

Where is Jennifer Connelly was concealing you ask? She’s had starring roles in movies like He’s Just Not That Into You and The Labyrinth but has been barely heard of those days. She won an Oscar for her performance in the critically acclaimed A Beautiful Mind, but her success was quickly obscured by the critically panned 2002 Hulk film directed by Ang Lee. It was a total flop.

And it seems like the pressures of fame only got to her. She admitted that after walking on stage to receive her Oscar:”I remember looking up and seeing the sign that stated you just had 45 seconds to speak and only feeling shocked by the vulnerability.” Discussing in an interview with The Telegraph, she continued:”It made me feel very shallow. You just don’t know what to expect up there.” These days she would prefer to concentrate on her life.

Edward Norton Requires Matters Did His Means

Edward Norton turned into a Hollywood icon after starring as the leading character in 1999’s Fight Club. However, his demanding character has made him pretty difficult for filmmakers to use. He cried Marvel when he agreed to take for the sequel film The unbelievable Hulk in 2003. He just agreed to be on board if they included rewrites or hints he put forward. They agreed before scrapping his last-minute alterations.

Edward Norton became a Hollywood icon after starring as the leading character in 1999’s Fight Club. But his demanding character has made him quite hard for filmmakers to use. He angered Marvel when he agreed to shoot for the sequel movie The unbelievable Hulk in 2003. He only agreed to be on board whenever they comprised rewrites or suggestions he put forward. They agreed before scrapping his last-minute alterations.

Cameron Diaz Wanted Out

Cameron Diaz Has Been a Big Global Superstar with a likable personality and supermodel looks.
But we have not seen her around much recently, and it is pretty much on account of this fact that she desired. She stated that”If you are making a film… they have you. You are there for 12 hours every day for weeks on end, and you don’t have any time for anything else.” And it has been like that for Cameron because she was 22 years old.

In 2014, Cameron declared she was eventually going her individual ways with the livelihood. She stated,”I simply decided I needed different things from my own life. I’d gone so difficult for so long — functioning, which makes movies — and it is such a mill. I didn’t actually make any room for my private life.” And she has no regrets up to now. “I have peace in my spirit. I eventually was caring for myself”

Jean-Claude Van Damme Produced a Miscalculation

Belgian-born martial arts celebrity Jean-Claude Van Damme is not as in-demand because he was, and there are a couple very good reasons . Mainly, he left a terrible career move following his powerful film Timecop. He had been given to star in a trilogy that could make him a massive $12 million each momovie,ut he turned it down hopes to negotiate a far bigger sum.

Actor Jim Carrey had lately been in the newspapers for getting the first celebrity for $20 million for a film role. Jean-Claude demanded that the studio cover him the exact same whopping figure for every picture of this trilogy, and they just turned him down. Years after he confessed:”Jim Carrey has been paid a fortune. And that I wanted to play the machine. Just like an idiot. Ridiculous.” After that, he had been blacklisted in Hollywood.

Alyson Hannigan Must Have Bitten her

Alyson Hannigan grew in popularity after starring Michelle Flaherty from the American Pie series during the early 2000s. She was subsequently thrust back in the spotlight because of her role as Lily Aldrin at the hit sitcom How I Met Your Mother. While the series was a hit, Alyson really spoke out against the way the manufacturers opted to end the collection.

She explained how she believed they dashed the finale plotline and cut several vital scenes:”All of this stuff I believe that the audience desired.” She continued:”They had the time to process this information, rather than having it smack them in the face” Following that, she had been throw two or three occasions in other TV shows, but they neglected to make a lasting impression. Now that she is 46, it is increasingly more difficult for her to operate the Hollywood circuit.

Taylor Lautner Has not Won the Critics’ Hearts

as soon as the Twilight Saga was in the peak of its popularity, Taylor Lautner has been ththinkingo be the hottest rising young star. But we have not seen a lot of him everywhere, and it is easily explained. Primarily, it was a little hard to maneuver from the shadow of the Twilight character Jacob. He starred at the 2011 film Abduction, but his operation got panned by critics.

as soon as the Twilight Saga was in the peak of its popularity, Taylor Lautner has been ththinkingo be the hottest rising young star. But we have not seen a lot of him everywhere, and it is easily explained. Primarily, it was a little hard to maneuver from the shadow of the Twilight character Jacob. He starred at the 2011 film Abduction, but his operation got panned by critics

Freddie Prinze Jr Is Old News

You likely best understand Freddie Prinze JrJr.rom his characters at the Scooby-Doo franchise as Fred Jones or by hit sitcom Friends as Sandy that the”male nanny.” But there has been a critical reason why he has not been starring in considerably recently. His health took a turn for the worse, and he needed to undergo surgery on his spine in 2014.

However, to tell the truth, it is not down to his spine difficulties. In addition, he starred in a few of the largest box office flops of all time, Delgo. Along with his characters She’s All That, and I Know What You Did Last Summer got old fairly quickly, as he played with the normal school hunk type. For Freddie, more intriguing or prestigious characters never actually came his way

Anna Faris Shy’s Away From Your Spotlight

Anna Faris was famous for being more than just a pretty face — she was also a hilarious comedic performer. Having starred at the Scary Movie series, Just Friends, and My Super Ex-Girlfriend, she seemed to fall from the film scene in the past several decades. The reality is, she has been dealing with important characters, but largely in cartoon films as a voice-over artist.

However, this has worked quite nicely for Anna, who was married to fellow actor Chris Pratt. Their connection in the public eye resulted in plenty of anxiety in Anna’s personal life, finally making her shun more people acting roles. She keeps herself busy with work and podcasting and can be writing her own publication.

Tom Felton Has High Expectations

Tom Felton was Just a kid when he starred at the Harry Potter movie series as antagonist Draco Malfoy. Obviously, he found it difficult to be observed beyond his function as a young magician, and searching for new movie roles was a daunting endeavor. “I am more nervous in auditions today than I was at 11. You take a good deal of hits until you receive something great,” he later disclosed.

We may not find Tom as far as we believed because he is planning for out-of-reach. He auditioned for the part of James Bond, and it did not go to plan:”I have not landed James Bond yet. Playing with Bond or even a Bond villain was why I needed to do films in the first location.” Films he’s been in have not faired well, therefore it seems things are not searching to your Hogwarts alumni.

Miranda Cosgrove Had a Tour Bus Mishap

Miranda Cosgrove climbed to fame while Just a kid, in functions such as School Of Rock, Darke & Josh, and iCarly. But she has not been prominent in her mature years. She pursued a music career following iCarly but failed to get to the achievement of former kid stars-turned pop celebrities such as Miley Cyrus. The film and TV roroles,he landed following her premature success .

She suffered an injury following her tour bus crashed 2011, breaking her arm. It forced her to cancel her tour and place her from work . She’s since chased studying in college, and it has found some success as a voiceover artist. Now, you can listen to her at the Universal Pictures cartoon, Despicable Me.

Ashton Kutcher Is Famous For Being Famous

Ashton Kutcher has been the”it” man throughout the 2000s, but he has failed to carry this momentum in the past ten years. A huge reason Hollywood has lost him is due to his typecast because the goofy but lovable hunk. When he surfaced as Steve Jobs from the 2013 film Jobs — an ideal opportunity for him to establish himself differently — it didn’t hit a chord with audiences and critics.

You will remember when he substituted Charlie Sheen in 2011 among the main actors in 2 and a Half Men. But since he began appearing, their evaluations steadily diminished. He is begun focusing on earning enterprise funds rather since Hollywood has abandoned him. That having been said, he is in the public eye a lot usually due to his high-profile connections.

Jessica Biel Was Hired For The Seems

She is famous for being married to pop star Justin Timberlake, but what happened to Jessica Biel’s movie career? Well, to begin with, she will be hired for her looks than for her acting abilities. She had been filmed Esquire’s”Sexiest Woman Alive” in 2005, but it did not give her career increase she hoped .

Jessica told an aide:”If this whole thing went down… I thought,’Oh, this will be great! I will get so many tasks out of this!’ … This was not actually true… I felt as though I had been sort of on this base a tiny bit, and it certainly did not simply open all the doors for me, I presumed it would.” When she’s had the opportunity to star in films, they never was able to acquire big enough audiences to justify them.

Hayden Christensen Didn’t Need To Ride a Wave

Hayden Christensen got famous quickly after starring in Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith from the 2000s.
But despite his simple ascension to fame, he has not looked in much else as then. In an interview, he also disclosed that following Star Wars, he”purchased some farmland and mostly vanished from Hollywood.”

Hayden clarified:”I guess that I felt as though I had this fantastic thing in Star Wars that supplied these chances and gave me a livelihood, but it kind of felt a bit too given to me. I didn’t wish to go through life feeling as I was riding a wave” He’s appeared in a couple of roles since, however they’re few and far between. Since 2014 he has been busy raising his daughter.

Halle Berry Called Her Out Castmates

Halle Berry made history when she became the first black woman to win an Oscar for her performance at 2002’s Monster’s Ball. However, her movies that followed are a series of major flops. Recall 2006’s Catwoman, anybody? That was be among the largest box office neglects of time. In addition to this, she let her mouth operate in 2005 in the Golden Raspberry Awards — an event that honors the worst movies of this year.

Halle Berry made history when she became the first black woman to win an Oscar for her performance at 2002’s Monster’s Ball. However, her movies that followed are a series of major flops. Recall 2006’s Catwoman, anybody? That was be among the largest box office neglects of time. In addition to this, she let her mouth operate in 2005 in the Golden Raspberry Awards — an event that honors the worst movies of this year.

Josh Radnor Is Jack of All Trades

Hollywood has not been casting Josh Radnor anymore, and it comes down to those few explanations. He turned into a significant TV celebrity in How I Met Your Mother but neglected to bring that victory over to the silver screen. His TV appearances after 2014 didn’t amount to anything substantial, so he has been dabbling in other creative interests. He has been spending more time working on his Indie songs and joined a group, but it has not left him that the newest Chris Martin.

He has been attempting to publish several written novels, the latest of which assured:”A continuing pursuit that takes [the writer and celebrity ] from his childhood from heartland Ohio into the unexpected course of star and beyond.” However, it has not managed to hit the shops yet. His screenwriting and directing pursuits appear more promising nevertheless, so that may be his next step.

Sarah Michelle Gellar Could Not Move Beyond Horror

Sarah Michelle Gellar was a Significant celebrity from the nineties because of her fan-favorite series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Possibly her most famous film, Cruel Intentions, additionally maintained her a family name; nonetheless, she has not managed to maintain the film offers forthcoming. 1 major reason is that she had been pigeonholed fairly early on in her career as a Horror genre starlet. Movies such as Scream 2, The Return, and The Grudge all helped guarantee that.

If she’s ventured outside of terror, it has not fared well in the box office. Movies such as Harvard Man, Southland Tales, and Veronika Decides to Die allowed Sarah to stretch her acting wings, but critics and audiences did not respond well. Recently, she has been taking a similar course to Jessica Alba in starting her own small business. Foodstirs, “cooking and lifestyle brand,” was taking up a great deal of her time recently.

B. J. Novak Is Way Too Busy

Best known for playing with Ryan at NBC’s The Office,” B. J. Novak has never been spotted doing so much because 2013. But it might surprise you to know he’s been anything but exhausted. He has moved away from acting before the camera to directing and writing behind the scenes. He is also busied himself with writing novels for adults and kids alike.

To add to this, he has discovered a passion for growing smartphone programs. He started”The List Program” at 2015, before shutting it two decades later. But he is already working on a different one. And investing in renewable lab-grown meat is just another venture that he expects pays off shortly. 1 day, we may see him running for Mayor of Boston, since he is publicly admitted it may be in his or her horizons.

Liv Tyler Is Sick of Hollywood Ageism

Liv Tyler has been the elven beauty Arwen from the hugely successful Lord of the Rings franchise. However, the truth is she has barely been observed since then, and we understand the reason . She also gave an interview where she talked about her then-age:”Thirty-eight is a mad number. It is not fun if you view things begin to change.”

Liv clarified:”When you are in your teens or 20s, there’s a plethora of ingenue parts that are fascinating to perform with. However, at [my age], you are generally the wife or the girlfriend a type of second-class citizen. You will find far more interesting roles for girls when they get a bit old.” She moved on to star in the TV series The Leftovers at 2014 after having nearly quit acting permanently. But she is still not as notable as she was.

Jim Carrey Can Not Hold Back Anymore

Jim Carrey was one of the most in-demand celebrities in Hollywood, culminating at the maximum salary of some of his counterparts. Now nearly 60, he has found himself unable to keep shtum about suspicious Hollywood practices. He explained the way he simply”did not wish to be in the company . I didn’t enjoy what was occurring, the businesses taking over and that.”

But it’s enabled Jim to concentrate on a different fire job of his:”And perhaps it’s because I felt dragged toward another sort of creative outlet and I truly liked that the constraint of painting — of not needing a committee at the manner telling me exactly what the thought has to be to appeal to some four-quadrant whatever.” Nowadays, you’ll find him Twitter unleashing a politically-charged tirade.

Fairuza Balk Can Be Fed Up Chasing Fame

Fairuza Balk gained fame after appearing in movies like American History X, The Waterboy, and Almost Famous. But she had already attained icon-status within her youth after starring Return to Oz at the 80s. While she has been typecast because the gloomy option woman in several films, there are different reasons why Hollywood does not pick up the telephone .

Mostly, Fairuza has shied away from the Hollywood scene. She sees herself as an artist , so acting is not her priority . “I fought a lot with being pushed too hard in my 20’s,” she revealed in a meeting. “With folks telling me I needed to keep taking a growing number of films because that is really only when I would be applicable. Hollywood was created that way; it is always about the brand new flavor of the minute and I have always chosen to be a little more mysterious.”

Vince Vaughn Is Not Laughing Anymore

Funnyman Vince Vaughn was considered to be a part of the Hollywood”frat pack,” a bunch of Hollywood celebrities who often starred in comedy films collectively. Movies such as Swingers, Dodgeball, and Wedding Crashers have been a hit with viewers, but he more or not played exactly the exact same character every time. He became famous for being a small one-note celebrity. Besides that, he was not feeling as motivated to create films as he was.

“The machine can cause you to be idle,” he told an aide. “You read a script and you consent to a function, then soon enough you are on place looking at a spectacle which has had all of the juice along with the life sucked out of it. You turn into a hired army doing an extremely inoffensive PG-13 film andalso, you sort of go with it. Like anything else in life you are either growing or you are dying. When you get overly comfortable, you begin to decline.”

Zooey Deschanel’s Quirks Do Not Cut It

Zooey Deschanel was Hollywood’s go-to”unique” celebrity, famous for her roles in (500) Days of Summer, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, along with Yes Man. But a lot of the subsequent films have demonstrated to be a significant disaster at the box office and it has left Hollywood afraid to touch . Believe Rock the Kasbah and Your Highness.

To add to this, folks are tired of this”Manic Pixie Fantasy Girl” archetype that she is renowned for representing. Writers have been known for their”idle trope” of producing girls who”exist in the fevered imaginations of sensitive writer-directors to instruct broodingly soulful young guys to adopt life and its endless puzzles and experiences.” Fundamentally, we are tired of young, sexy, two-dimensional feminine personalities.

Jason Lee Bows from This Chase

Jason Lee Increased in prominence for his role in Mallrats from the nineties.
And he attained enormous TV success by starring as the title character in My Name Is Earl from 2005-2009. However, a major reason why we may not see him could be to do with his profound connection to the Church of Scientology. He had been a dedicated believer for more than 20 decades.

Scientology was very significant to Jason he left his first wife Carmen Llywelyn if she became disconnected from the faith. However, he along with his present wife have since moved away from Scientology, and Jason’s pursuing different interests in skateboarding and photography at Texas. It feels like he is done chasing celebrities and only wants a little normalcy.

Daniel Stern Wanted To Give

Where is Daniel Stern was hiding all these years because his renowned stint as Marv at Home Alone? He performed with a goofball funnyman and it became difficult for him to break away out of this archetype. But he has had his hands full with different pursuits out of acting, among which is to perform with his nightclub at Malibu.

He transferred to the region along with his wife and children and got stuck in with local charity job. In 2010 he obtained Malibu’s President’s Volunteer Service Award for performing over 500 hours of volunteer work. He said:”My success as a performer has given me the exceptional chance to return to my area, setting my vision of producing a robust and sensitive society into training ” How inspirational!

Lindsay Lohan Let Everybody Down

Lindsay Lohan enjoyed enormous success in her youth and adolescent years, arguably while she had been too young to manage it. She was subsequently making headlines for all the wrong reasons in her twenties when her hard-partying was clear for everyone to see. In hardly any time at all she moved from being an all-star celebrity to being around the Hollywood blacklist.

Lindsay has had chances to work way back in Hollywood but lets everybody down her. She has been accused of coming three hours to place, not analyzing her lines, and never turning up for filming. Her lack of professionalism has caused it near-impossible for studios to wish to throw her nowadays.

Christopher Mintz-Plasse Will Forever Is McLovin

Christopher Mintz-Plasse’s iconic personality McLovin from the 2007 humor Superbad is the most memorable role to date. Nevertheless, it had been 14 years ago it came out and Christopher has not managed to out-grow that film as. Many consider he’s finding it difficult to be regarded as anything but the weak and young McLovin, in spite of the fact he is 31 years old.

It did not help that his very first TV job, Buddy Me, never really made it into our displays. It was an ideal job for him to get out himself afterwards finding celebrity with Superbad, but when CBS pulled it out of their line-up early , Christopher did not have a thing to show during an essential moment. He has since been emerging from the CBS sitcom The Great Indoors, but the series is getting mixed reviews.

Christina Ricci Has Struggled To Find Her Position

Christina Ricci experienced fame by an early age when she was cast as Wednesday Addams at 1991’s The Addams Family. She has appeared in many movies since then, especially Sleepy Hollow with Johnny Depp, but she became the megastar we expected her to become. That may be in part because of her ever-lasting baby-face.

However she was not immune to suffering in the pressures of Hollywood. “I know that had I had been skinnier in the time my Potter films were all hitting, I could have been in a far better place in my profession,” she revealed. However she admits:”I must say I audition for films. I do not actually have too much control over my profession as the others might love to pretend I really do.”

Billy Zane Can’t Outgrowing Titanic

Billy Zane has held a few fairly iconic characters in his period. He’s been in Back To the Future, Titanic, and struck show Twin Peaks. But regardless of his famous encounter he has not carved out a career of being the top actor in a manufacturing company. That is why Hollywood has more or less forgotten .

However his function since Caledon Hockley in Titanic has overshadowed his whole acting career. He states that it is all people today recall him from: “`You are the * out of Titanic.’ That you I get a lot, that’s actually wonderful. Nice to meet people like this,” he joked. He is still proud to have played such a prominent part in the iconic film however:”I am so honored and flattered to have only been on this journey “

Bella Thorne Can’t Count Her Disney After

Bella Thorne was Just a child when she starred in the Disney Channel’s Shake It Up. From 2010 she had been an worldwide success, in the time starring alongside Zendaya. While she carried over her younger lovers into her mature movie and TV work in the last couple of decades, she has hasn’t managed to impress anyone else. She had been cast as the lead performer in the play show Famous In Love, but failed to make it beyond its next season.

Allegedly, she exhibited”diva-like behaviour,” and the word acquired around. She starred in the horror film Amityville: The Awakening in 2017, which failed to make $1,000. Comedy Assassination Nation didn’t perform much better the next year. Despite her youthful fan base, she is failing to strike the mark again and again.

Tara Reid Partied Too Hard

Tara Reid is precisely the sort of person everyone anticipated would become a massive movie star. She had been the”it” girl from the 90s and 2000s, following her breakthrough role as Vicky in American Pie. She really has managed to remain in the media through time, but for all the wrong reasons. Her hard-partying took its toll on her health and standing.

Tara has continued to behave, but she has gained a reputation as a dreadful actor. She has earned more than just one”Worst Actress” Razzie in The Golden Raspberry awards for her roles in movies like My Boss’s Daughter and Alone in the Dark. And her decision to star in the TV film Sharknado is currently something of a legend. Her private life and career options have made it difficult to be successful at a place like Hollywood.

Hulk Hogan’s Affair had been Caught on Camera

Hulk Hogan made himself a household name following starring as one of the Key wrestlers on the WWE Network. Through the 80s and 90s, he had been a pop culture celebrity, renowned for his enormous muscles, signature blonde hair, and a husky voice. His reality TV series Hogan Knows Best also gave us some insight to his personal family life.

Hulk Hogan made himself a household name following starring as one of the chief wrestlers on the WWE Network. Through the 80s and 90s, he had been a pop culture celebrity, renowned for his enormous muscles, signature blond hair, and a husky voice. His reality TV series Hogan Knows Best also gave us some insight to his personal family life.

Catherine Zeta-Jones Has Private Demons

Can you recall when Catherine Zeta-Jones was starring in large 90s movies including The Mask of Zorro and Entrapment? She won an Oscar for her performance in 2002’s Chicago and often has focus attracted to the way young she resembles 51. In addition to that, she is married to bigshot celebrity Michael Douglas.

However, it has not been sufficient to keep her on our movie screens. People today think that it’s due to marriage problems with Michael, who admitted to residing independently out of 2013. She was also diagnosed with bipolar illness in her adult life, and that she calls her”pain in the buttocks.” With these kinds of challenges in her own life, it is no wonder that her profession has taken a back seat. It helps if you are sitting on countless however.

Kat Dennings Was Dropped by Marvel

Kat Dennings Created a name for Himself in hit TV shows Such as Sex and the City and CSI at the early 2000s.
But she has also had a great deal of picture function, appearing in movies like The 40-Year-Old Virgin, The House Bunny, along with the Thor franchise. By 2011, she starred as one of the main actresses in two Broke Girls.

The principal reasons why she has faded from Hollywood is probably going down to her typecast as an indie”cool woman.” It is more or less what she is famous for playingwith, and these days there are loads of actresses who fit the bill. Additionally, following the next Thor movie Marvel dropped her out of their world. She has not been seen anywhere close to the superhero because Thor: The Dark Earth, and as stated by the screenwriter she is not expected back.

Matthew Fox Has a Sketchy Past

Everybody understands Matthew Fox out of his important role in the hit series Lost, but ended back in 2010. His function as Charlie Salinger about the 90s series Party of Five brings him fame, but he has since fallen from favor with the Hollywood audience. However considering his movie record, it isn’t really surprising.

Matthew has starred in a series of fairly ineffective films, for example Emperor, Alex Cross, and Speed Racer — that they had poor reviews. However, his private life was in the newspapers over once and it has not reflected well. He had been charged with a DUI in 2012 and has been called out after by fellow Lost-costar Dominic Monaghan to be violent in relationships. Yep, Hollywood does not need to go anywhere close to him.

Cara Delevingne Has Been Bombing the Box Office

It seems just like Cara Delevingne just recently embarked on her acting career, but it has not been shown to be as powerful as her posing. She is among the very recognizable supermodels in the world, so we naturally thought Hollywood are a piece of cake for her to decode. Back in 2015 and 2016 she looked in Paper Towns and Suicide Squad.

She depicted Laureline in Valerian along with the Town of a Thousand Planets, also she’s a couple of other films from the pipeline. But so far, everything she has done was a crucial disaster. Her acting skills may not be 100% there yet, but there is still time for her to flip it around.

Michael Cera Has Got To Impress

When Michael Cera combined the Hollywood circuit, he appeared as though he was bringing something fresh and new to the scene. He starred in the hit sitcom Arrested Development and followed that up with major characters in Superbad and Juno. However, you may have noticed it has been some time since we have seen him whatsoever.

It is very likely that Michael was typecast because the goofy-awkward man, and there is lots of people to move around. In addition to this, a great deal of individuals confuse him fellow actor Jesse Eisenberg, which does not fare well for filmmakers. If individuals have difficulty remembering which celebrity you’re, perhaps you don’t leave much of a feeling?

Bridgette Wilson Wanted For a Housewife

Bridgette Wilson was the former-pageant queen and rising star of the 90s who everybody thought was about to make it large. After being crowned Miss Teen USA in 1990, she starred in the soap opera Santa Barbara before proceeding onto movies. You may remember her from films such as Mortal Kombat, I Know What You Did Last Summer, and The Wedding Planner.

Bridgette wed former pro tennis player Pete Sampras in 2000 and contains essentially ditched her Hollywood life ever since. After meeting in a movie theater that they dropped in love, and Bridgette’s attention changed. “I know I need to get a family and become a housewife, that is really the main thing with me,” she confessed back in 1993. And she is living out that dream now, happily raising their son in California.

Stacey Dash Wants To Run for President

Stacey Dash played with Dionne Marie Davenport from the cult classic jelqing, where she starred opposite Alicia Silverstone. This was a hit in 1995, so it seemed like Stacey had a significant future in Hollywood before her. She went on to appear in TV shows such as CSI and Single Ladies, but her career never took off the way she needed it to. Nonetheless, it’s fairly clear why filmmakers wont employ her she’s overly outspoken and even has plans to run for president.

She told People:”I have been blacklisted in Hollywood. My bureau fell me because of my politics. They explained when they pitched me, casting directors would say,’We offer you credit for pitching her with a straight face’ It makes me angry.” She added,”Republicans in Hollywood conceal. I am challenging them to stand up and possess courage. I will not be scared into submission.”

Jorge Garcia’s Secret Passion

Jorge Garcia was known as”the life and soul” of the hit TV show Lost. But that ended back in 2010 following six months, and what’s he been up to since? You would be forgiven for wondering if he is still even acting now because he tends to maintain a very low profile. However, the reality is, he has hasn’t ceased acting since losing stopped.

He has appeared in displays Alcatraz, Once Upon a Time, and Hawaii Five-0, however, seldom constitutes a portion of the top cast. It is likely because of his other career pursuits, specifically stand up comedy. It has always been his additional key passion and telling jokes into an area of 300 people takes practice and time.

Lori Loughlin Was Released From Prison

Lori Loughlin is best known for us as Aunt Becky on Total House from 1988 to 1995. She also reprised her role for the Netflix sequel Fuller House at 2016, obviously because a much different Aunt Becky. Her role in 90210 as Debbie Wilson also contributed to making her a household name.

She served two weeks in prison within the 2019 school admissions bribery scandal, where she pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit fraud. The reality is, Hollywood blacklisted her long until the scandal — she outgrew her role as Aunt Becky. However, this brush with the law surely is not likely to help.

Nina Dobrev Is Far Too Picky

Nina Dobrev’s big break came when she starred as Mia Jones at Degrassi: The Next Generation back in 2006. But she is famous for her role as Elena Gilbert about the adolescent fantasy play, The Vampire Diaries. She left the series at 2015 and starred in the comedy film The last Girls, that was a crucial achievement. Unfortunately for her, it had been short-lived.

Nina Dobrev’s big break came when she starred as Mia Jones at Degrassi: The Next Generation back in 2006. But she is famous for her role as Elena Gilbert about the adolescent fantasy play, The Vampire Diaries. She left the series at 2015 and starred in the comedy film The last Girls, that was a crucial achievement. Unfortunately for her, it had been short-lived.

Elisha Cuthbert Annoyed Viewers

Elisha Cuthbert appeared as though she had a large and exciting career before her breakout role in the TV drama 24. Then finished, she joined the cast of Happy Endings, a TV comedy, until it also finished in 2013. Despite her youth and looks, however, it has been challenging for Elisha to have noticed outside in Hollywood.

Elisha Cuthbert appeared as though she had a large and exciting career before her breakout role in the TV drama 24. Then finished, she joined the cast of Happy Endings, a TV comedy, until it also finished in 2013. Despite her youth and looks, however, it has been challenging for Elisha to have noticed outside in Hollywood.

Chris O’Donnell Turned Down the Use of a Lifetime

Chris O’Donnell was a much-loved American heartthrob back from the mid-90s.
His function in Mad Love reverse Drew Barrymore and Circle of Friends reverse Minnie Driver at the early 90s catapulted his dreamboat standing, but his most famous part was to come. He moved on to star as Robin in Batman Forever and Batman & Robin and appeared to have a promising career ahead.

But it’s easy to determine where things went wrong for Chris. The sequel movie Batman & Robin totally bombed and abandoned no one needing to pick up these bits. Chris was also offered to seem as Agent Jay in Men in Black — a hugely powerful role for Will Smith — he turned down the opportunity. He can have the acting ability, but he is not so great at seeing a chance.

Dane Cook Was Accused Of Stealing Jokes

Comedian Dane Cook was a big-shot stand-up in his own right when he transitioned to the large screen in the early 2000s. He starred opposite Steve carrel and Jessica Alba at Dan In Real Life at 2007, but then things Began to look down to Dane. Critics began displaying his characters in comedy movies, writing things such as”Could we eventually just acknowledge that Dane Cook is not funny?”

It did not help when comic Carlos Mencia accused Dane of concealing jokes. Joe Rogan subsequently accused Dane carrying a number of his own stuff and attempting to pass it off as his own. And people started startedh to a similarities between Dane and stand-up Louis C. K. There’s actually no coming back after all that poor publicity.

Tom Welling Is Super Picky

Tom Welling was a Massive celebrity from the 2000s 2000s,he starred as youthful supermSuperman Kent from the Smallville series. He remained in the function for the large aspect of a decade, and after a fairly full-on filming program. Due to it, he opted to have a rest from acting when the show was finished.

However he may have pushed it a bit too much. He is famous to be very picky about what movie roles he chooses on, having just appeared in three movies since Smallville finished in 2011. Plus they have not been a hit with viewers and movie reviewers. Rather than launching him fame and fortune because everybody anticipated, his extended career as Superman hijacked a sizable portion of his acting life and left him a bit jaded.

Julia Stiles Was Given Plenty of Odds

Julia Stiles has had significant roles in many famous films. Think back to Ten Things I Hate About You, Save the Last Dance, and also the Bourne film show. But she seems to have fallen from favor in recent years since we have seldom seen . And therefore, she’s a series of unsuccessful films to attribute.

She appeared in movies like Hamlet, Down to You, and A Guy Thing following her first acting victory, but all of them fell flat at the box office. She then attempted to create her own picture but finally lost her rights to it later neglecting to build the ideal team. To add to all this, she is not a lot of an Instagrammer, that has resulted in an”out of sightout of mind” type of scenario.