When you settle down on the couch with a cold one in your hands and your team’s favorite jersey on your back, you probably don’t expect your epic on-screen sports session to be interrupted by an animal intruder, right? But it seems as though the animals of the world don’t like to feel left out, which is why they regularly make their way to the nearest stadium or pitch to say hello to the players in real life.

Yes, animals just love interrupting professional sports games – and these pictures prove it! From alligators on the golf green to dogs on the soccer field, it turns out that you can’t stop these animals from playing a game of fetch when and where they want. And if you ask us, these furry friends should be crowned the ultimate MVPs because these photos are hilarious…

This Cheeky Monkey Wanted to Get Involved in the Cricket Action

When you play sports outside you have to think about the animals that live around the pitch and whether your game is going to disturb them. And while most of the time these players and animals can live harmoniously away from each other, sometimes the furry creatures get a little inquisitive and want to see what’s going on around their home.

And it seems as though this cheeky monkey did just that during the third day of the first cricket match between Sri Lanka and India in 2015. As Jehan Mubarak and Rohit Sharma were gearing up to battle it out with their teams, this monkey ran across the green and had a little frolic on the grass in front of them!

These Golfers Found Themselves in an Otterly Strange Situation

We’ve heard about being in the wrong place at the wrong time, but it seems as though this otter didn’t give a dam about its sporting interruption. This little guy happily ran across the green during a golf tournament in Singapore in 2016, and it looks as though these pro golfers were pretty taken aback.

It’s not every day you see an otter running out in front of you as they are normally nocturnal and stay away from humans. But we guess the grassy greens are the perfect runaround spots for these animals when they’re not swimming or holding hands in the water!

This Husky Invaded the Soccer Pitch for a Game of Fetch

If you have a dog, you’ll know that they can’t resist a game of fetch – especially when a ball is involved. So we don’t really blame this husky for getting a little overexcited when it saw a giant soccer ball roaming around a huge patch of grass during this game at Alexandra Stadium in Crewe, England.