Send a bitcoin, get two: was attacked by hackers, one of the first bitcoin websites, was attacked by hackers. After gaining access to the site, unknown persons published a fraudulent ad on it to give away cryptocurrency. The domain was temporarily shut down.

On September 23, messages about a pop-up window that was displayed on the main page of the resource appeared on Twitter. Users were asked to transfer cryptocurrency to a specified address. It’s a known dumb scheme for the gullible like “send a bitcoin – get two.”

Bitcoin developer Matt Corallo warned his readers, “It looks like has been hacked and the entire site has been replaced with a scam ad asking to send bitcoins. Do not send funds to this address.”

The address the criminals posted on the site received 0.4 BTC, or about $17,700, according to blockchain data, and the entire amount was transferred in one transaction. This technique is sometimes used by crooks themselves to gain the trust of easy money lovers.

After Corallo’s request, domain registrar Namecheap restricted access to the site.