Natus volare non quam repere.

ETH/USD bitfinex, at 0:30msk the price at $3049, dropped on average on exchanges to $2650. On the 14th I wrote that the GP was shining with a hike to $2500. I will take it as that is the very move. Yesterday according to the indicators we had a bearish scenario (see the previous chart), we knew about the resistance magnet from above at $3200. As we can see, the ether sneezed tomato sauce, but returned to the previous price in 24 hours. Judging by the charts, $3200 remains a magnet and that will make the bears nervous. I don’t see anything too bad on ether yet. What will be more interesting above is whether or not we will see a consolidation in the battles for the level. If something will be strait from there, then we are likely to touch the area of 2200-2500$. For now, like on BTC (see its 1D chart above), the price is likely to go into a triangle.