Kraken adds support for Apple Pay and Google Pay❗️

This step is intended to make it easier to buy spot cryptocurrency through the exchange’s app.
✅Kraken users can now buy cryptocurrency in their app using Apple and Google Pay.
Previously, users had to copy and paste their deposit details from their internet banking app. Kraken Australia’s managing director, Jonathon Miller, told CoinDesk the move is an attempt to make the user experience smoother.
? “Integrating payment methods such as Apple Pay and Google Pay is key to making our platform more accessible to everyone,” Miller said. “It simplifies the buying process and brings the payment methods that people are used to using in their daily lives into the cryptocurrency experience.”
❗️ Earlier this year, Kraken more than doubled the number of trading pairs available to customers using GBP and Australian dollars as part of a massive expansion.
?Kraken App requires a $ 10 minimum purchase and a $ 7,500 maximum purchase over a seven day rolling period.