We do not know about you, but we are a little tired of visiting the Hollywood A-listers appearing so perfect and polished. After all, they are people too — thanks to the hordes of paparazzi, they’re longer”human” moments are recorded. Have a look at the funniest slips-ups occurring at the very exclusive events in the city.

You might embarrass yourself a regular basis, but you’re not the only one. It is time to deliver the rich and famous down to earth with a group of the goofy and awkward minutes. It was always likely to catch them up finally — but do not take our word for this. Have a peek at the red rug accidents the newspapers miss out.

John Travolta Does Not Read the Signs

This embarrassing experience says everything. In the Oscars at 2015, the Grease celebrity John Travolta appeared a little too excited when he glanced to The actress Scarlett Johansson’s neck. Its all the more jarring we can not see the majority of his entire body and makes us need to ask, exactly where did he come out?

But we do not understand what is worse, the kiss he is going to plant on their apparent absolute indifference to it. If you inquire, it seems as though he went for the kill until Scarlet could react. That what we expect — her dismissing his progress would be a lot more excruciating to take!

Leslie Mann Can’t Keep Her Hands off Cameron Diaz

Lady Leslie Mann came outside to have a Fantastic time for another Woman premiere at 2014. It seems like she can’t hold her liquor, or she drank a bit too much time to keep it professional alongside costar Cameron Diaz. Leslie might be a married lady, but that has not stopped her wandering hand from catching Cameron’s bum.

But it may not be completely uncalled for. Cameron has talked about her strong connection to her costars Leslie and Kate Upton. “I really like those girls. They could not have been partners, she confessed, adding,”We had a lot of fun together.” Perhaps there is more between them than simply professional esteem.

Liang Jingke Learns that the Pitfalls of having a Form-Fitting Dress

Chinese celebrity Liang Jinke needed a little more of a stunning day than she had intended to the Venice Film Festival at 2016. Attending the premiere of The Lighting Between Oceans, her amazing jade-colored gown was only a bit too tight and long, meaning she could not really lift herself off the floor!

Fortunately, a few onlookers were close by and fast to regain her when possible. In his rush, among these appears to have grabbed part of Liang in which he should not have, while another awkwardly pulls up her from her arm. This type of reddish rug mess must go down in history as among the publications.

Lindsey Lohan Relives a Moment From The Partying Days

Mean Girls actress Lindsey Lohan has suffered her share of controversy. However, in 2014 she left the headlines for another motive, especially her awkward autumn in a fancy Italian film festival. We are convinced she was not all that happy, particularly after coming clean about her paranoia around cameras.

“My friends think I am neurotic, but I’ll notice a flash of an iPhone camera, so I’ll hear the camera out of a mile throughout the room. I’ll feel it,” she confessed. Oh, nicely, at her bad times were at the stage. Nevertheless, they did bring to mind the old Lindsey that was able to drop from pubs and nightclubs, heavily drunk. We are going to call this type of one-off.

Woody Allen Forgets Where He’s

Poor Scarlett Johannsen appears to be bringing all the wrong energy to himself in these black-tie occasions. In 2008, Director Woody Allen casts a lingering look in her”figure” because she stands beside her costar Penelope Cruz. It seems just like a poorly-judged minute to check at the celebrity so unsubtly.

They are posing for photographs in the Los Angeles premiere for Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Woody’s then-recent amorous comedy-drama. However, it’s all roses involving Scarlet and Woody. Before, the celebrity has sprung to his defense if he has been satisfied with accusations. However, does this make this moment any less embarrassing? We are not sure.

Southpark Creators Is that the Belles of the Ball

The founders of cult TV cartoon South Park were not afraid to mix up things in the 2000 Oscars. Trey Parker and Matt Stone dressed to the nine’s in glamorous, figure-flattering dresses. Trey opted to get an emerald-green amount that flowed at the end, whose diving neckline ended in the waist.

Matt, on the other hand, took the chance to allow his inner princess out. Just pink lace would do for him that afternoon, as could a sweetheart neckline. Where Trey was feeling adventuresome, Matt needed to keep it classy and adorable. Maybe it is worth noting that they were not sober for the first Oscars of this turn of this century.

Emma Thompson Lost All Social Boundaries

In 2018, British actress Emma Thompson lost her cool when she watched actress and costar Hayley Atwell in the film premiere for Your Children Act at London, England. Hayley seems somewhat taken aback but, being a fantastic sport, only went along with it. We are unsure how much this can be an act though as, judging by Emma’s facial expression, she is taking it fairly badly.

She’s not so much adopting the actress as she’s squeezing or asserting her. Something about this instant only sounds animalistic; we could practically envision the Brit grunting and wanting to take her to some lair. As is normal for Emma, she does not care what other men and women think, she will behave as she pleases!

Angelina Jolie and Leg

Never forget that in the Oscars at 2012, Angelina and one were Brad Pitt, it had been her notorious bare leg. She disclosed the limb through the slit in her gown along with a torrent of memes and net jokes rained down. People chastised her for”trying too hard” at the night, staged that it actually was not a mandatory pose.

It had been this a talking point it opened its Twitter accounts, @AngelinaJoliesL, which it writes it”Stepped in my rightful place in history in the 2012 Oscars.” It gained so much attention the next day media ran amock with all the legfinding it amusing how oblivious Angelina was to exactly what it seemed like.

Sacha Baron Cohen Rubs Ryan Seacrest up the Wrong Way

Actor and comic Sacha Baron Cohen was up to his older Death antics when he arrived into the 2012 Oscars because his personality from The Dictator. Masquerading as Grimsby, he claimed he had been carrying the ash of a prominent man in politics, before spilling the suspicious chemical on the red rug.

The TV show host Ryan Seacrest was local and captured a number of the”ash” on his habit Burberry lawsuit — but it was on goal. Later, at the nighttime Sacha also interrupted Ryan’s meeting with Lady Gaga by stating,”just need to give you a hug,” and”suits looking great.” It did not bring them nearer together.