Golem releases laptop mining app?

Decentralized Golem Network launches Throg app. It will allow Windows 10 users to mine Golem (GLM) from laptops.
✅Golem Network is a decentralized network that distributes excess computing power on demand to those who need it. The platform launches the Throg app, which allows you to mine Ethereum (ETH) from a Windows laptop. Minimum requirements: Windows 10 or higher, video card with 6 GB memory. As you know, now due to the lack of microcircuits, the demand for video cards is high, but the Golem blog says:
? “If you don’t have a high-performance GPU, you can still use the Golem Network to compute tasks and get GLM.”
?The app will run in the background using the processing power to create blocks of the chain. Users will be rewarded in their own GLM Golem token, not Ethereum. The system is powered by the Polygon aggregator, which reduces transaction fees associated with the ERC-20 GLM token. Petr Yanyuk, CEO of Golem, said Thorg is designed to expand the Golem Network. Users will be able to generate passive income using their computers.
☝️Recall that the project was launched in 2018 and became an incentive for the development of the entire Ethereum network. According to CoinGeko Golem (GLM), it is now worth $ 0.471510.