For years, the whirlwind love triangle involving Prince Charles, Diana, and Camilla plagued the imperial household. Chat of rumored infidelities and key meetings made their way from the palace into the media, and even now the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall’s union were marred by this scandalous past. And while these rumors of an illegal romance have just been rumors, 1 man now believes he has the evidence we have all been on the lookout for.

Simon Charles Dorante-Day asserts are the secret love child of Charles and Camilla — and if accurate, this sin could throw the entire royal dynamic upward in the atmosphere. His concept maintains he’s the first-born son of Prince Charles, which will make him the rightful heir to the throne. However, does anybody believe him? While his claims have been brushed off previously, many can not deny the brand new photographic evidence he’s brought to the table…

Simon Dorante-Day is currently living in Australia, but his roots take him back to the UK

For decades, 55-year-old Simon has asserted that his “Windsor-like cheekbones and teeth” along with his “Camilla-style own hair” ties him into the Royal Family. However, his new evidence offers much more than only a couple of similarities between his own bodily characteristics and the people of a large society. The father of nine presently lives in Queensland, Australia, along with his wife and kids, but he did not always reside from the land Down Under.

In actuality, Simon’s narrative takes him back to England in 1966. He was allegedly born at a hospital near Gosport in Hampshire. And the naysayers who do not feel he’s the love child of Charles and Camilla can not deny the simple fact he was born with ties into a few of the most well-known and most powerful families on earth.

Simon had been adopted when he had been eight months old with the way of a family who worked for Your Royals.

Based on Simon’s narrative, he had been set up for adoption when he was only eight weeks old by Camilla Shand — who afterward became Camilla Parker-Bowles. The couple who adopted him and the parents that he grew up with were Karen and David Day, but his adoptive parents also played a massive role in his youth and life.

Through time, Simon discovered that his adoptive parents, Winifred and Ernest Bowlden, had a royal background. His grandmother was a cook to the Royal Family in among the royal palaces, and his grandfather was a royal gardener. During their careers, they grew tremendously near the royal household as a whole.

His adoptive grandmother told him that Camilla Shand was his biological mother

Actually, his adoptive parents were close to the royal household that Ernest allegedly obtained an Imperial Service Award for his work “Through the Years”. And as they functioned at the palaces, both his grandmother and grandfather could have a glimpse into the family’s individual lives. This meant they were privy to information that was not made public.

Through time, Simon’s grandparents shared some of the advice, and his grandma noted again and again that Charles and Camilla were his real biological parents. Winifred maintained that Camilla had given birth to him and looked after him until he was eight months old, but then she made a decision to give up on him. And his grandma”did not only hint at it, but she also informed me”.

Simon claims that Camilla employed royal connections and protection officers to maintain his existence a secret.

Since Simon grew up and started to learn more about the royal household, he began doing his own study. With the support of his grandparents’ insider info as well as the claims of his grand grandmother, he managed to piece together a concept that enabled Charles and Camilla to maintain his presence a secret to anybody beyond the palace.

This concept suggests that Camilla — most likely with the assistance of both Charles and the top echelon of their royal family — utilized her royal relations and defense officers to maintain his arrival a secret. And while they were able to keep this key for some time, Simon considers that Camilla soon recognized it would be more difficult to keep this deception because the child got older.

He believes Camilla gave up on him because she realized she could not keep His Identity a Secret Forever

Dorante-Day’s concept then says that the extreme tension surrounding Prince Charles and Camilla’s affair became too much for them to manage. And as the royal family’s desire to own Diana Spencer because the following princess became more people, Camilla recognized she wouldn’t be in a position to keep their secret for the remainder of his life.

Simon’s grandma told him when Simon was”too old” for Camilla to look after, an arrangement has been made for Camilla to maneuver the kid to Winifred’s family rather. Camilla reportedly understood that Winifred had a girl that had always wanted a kid, and therefore it looked like an ideal match. And based on Simon’s study, this deadline completely assesses out.

Simon’s research suggests his birth date directly relates to Charles and Camilla’s alleged romance

While Simon’s photographic evidence has persuaded many non-believers because he published it online they also can not deny the simple fact that the dates of his arrival and Charles and Camilla’s love are spookily similar. In accordance with Simon’s own study, he thinks that the few first became shut in 1965 — only a year before he had been born.

He considers that Charles and Camilla’s first assembly was actually in St. Paul’s Cathedral on 30 January 1965. On this afternoon, they supposedly attended the funeral of Sir Winston Churchill and instantly hit it off. What happened next could be a romance that resulted in controversy throughout the world.

He discovered for about nine months before he was born, Camilla disappeared in the public eye

Simon himself had been born in April 1966, meaning he could have been guessed the prior summer — only a couple of months to Charles and Camilla’s first love. Charles could have been 18 years old at the moment, and Camilla 17 years of age. And Simon is convinced he had been the consequence of the now-famous romance.

Simon’s study also has noticed that Charles had really been shipped off on a royal trip to Australia from the run-up for his arrival. This meant he was from the film, and so was Camilla. Though he had attempted to find signs of Camilla on the social landscape before he had been born, she apparently disappeared for eight months. And this, together with his very own photographic proof, further enriches his belief he’s their love child.

Simon has memories of secret meetings using a woman when he was younger

However, Simon’s concept is not only based on his grandma’s stories and his own study. Does Simon have a picture that has left most people reeling, but he has his own memories to rely on. And, in reality, he has lots of memories of his own life for a kid — and lots of them involve secret meetings with a girl.

Simon asserts that his adoptive parents and parents would frequently take him to odd homes near where he grew up. He noted he would spend some time with a girl while he was and these meetings were constantly safeguarded by imperial protection officers that guarded the entry. He thinks in his heart that the girl was Camilla.

The theorist believes he is the only exotic child of Prince Charles and Camilla he is heir to the throne.

While Prince Charles and Camilla are now happily married after year-long travel together, they have not openly had a kid together. And that is exactly what Simon considers makes the story even more suspicious. He also thinks that the royal household has covered his presence only because they don’t need to have in the way of Prince William eventually ascending to the throne to become King.

After all, if he is the only child of Prince Charles and Camilla, then that could make him the rightful heir to the throne — until William. Simon was created 17 years earlier than William. And as the possible son of the upcoming King who would put him next in line to the throne. However, some folks still do not believe him, which explains precisely why he has decided to launch this new photograph.

Simon has constructed up a terminology after on social networking, where he shares comparison photographs of the royals.

Through the Years, Simon has forced his own effort to release his own truth known to the General Public. He’s spoken to the media, and he’s tried to reach out to Charles and Camilla themselves. However, the technique of communicating that’s attracted the most attention is that his FB page — which has nearly 10,000 followers at the time of composing.

With this Facebook webpage, he encourages individuals to look beyond just what the royal household has advised them and examine his evidence. He’s posted innumerable photos of himself with this particular social networking platform, and a number of these photographs are a contrast between himself and unique members of the royal household. Nonetheless, it’s really an image of the son that’s got everybody talking lately.

He believes his look was altered as a youngster, but he could watch the royal resemblance more in his own children

While Simon considers he does discuss some similarities to his kids, his concept is that his look has been altered when he had been a kid. Looking at baby photos of himself, he could see that he had blue eyes when he was just like Charles and Camilla. But today he’s brown eyes.

Simon considers that the forces behind the royal family compelled him to undergo a performance that shifted his eye color to place any possible investigators off the scent. However, as his own kids haven’t gone through this type of procedure, he considers they are spitting images of fellow royals and discuss similarities considerably more evident than his.

Simon has common photographs of his kids on Facebook, also many have royal similarities there.

Since he considers the similarities between his kids and the royal household are evident, Simon has spent several years uploading photographs of these to his favorite Facebook page. Over the years he’s welcomed nine kids to the world, and with every new addition, he considers that the royal likeness has increased — he simply must discuss this with his followers.

His followers also have helped Simon from the hunt for his truth. They’ve agreed that the photographs of his kids speak volumes for their connection with the royal household. And several even supply him with contrast photos since they edit old images to make them sharper and pit them from pictures of their royals. And like Simon, they think his latest image is the last part of this puzzle.

Back in April 2021, Simon uploaded a photo of his son that had a whirlwind reaction online.

Simon frequently uploads these family photographs online, and while most of them lead to a wake-up, there was one photograph, in particular, that’s got lovers, non-believers, as well as the media speaking. He posted this picture of both sons, Lachlan and Liam, during a fishing excursion to Bribie Island. And while he published this picture to showcase that the love he has for his son, he might have never anticipated the response to blow up to date.

This photograph immediately caused a stir for all those of his followers who are also convinced of his concept. They’ve scoured all his photographs to get glimpses of their royal household — and they all consider this is the greatest evidence. That is because they simply could not dismiss the similarities between 14-year-old Liam (on the left) along with also the queen when she was younger.

One follower produced a comparison photo of the picture along with the queen also it immediately went viral

Actually, 1 follower went up to make a contrasting picture of Liam and the queen when she was younger. This individual cropped Liam from this photograph, turned it white and black, and put it alongside a similar image of the monarch concerning her era and body placement. When Simon obtained the final photograph, he understood he needed to discuss it with the rest of the planet.

And almost immediately, the photograph became a viral feeling. When many individuals previously asserted that Simon had been”mad” or that he had been”making everything up for publicity,” the very same individuals have since changed their view after viewing this picture. In his eyes, Simon eventually gets the greatest evidence that his parents are Charles and Camilla — and ultimately, people believe him.

Сonsidering that the photo has circulated online, Simon has got support from countless believers.

In a TV interview with Sunrise, Simon talked about the contrast picture and noted, “I think the proof speaks for itself.” And it appears as countless men and women agree with him. Countless individuals have commented on the photograph because it started to circulate online and in the media, and they could all see the similarity.

One societal networking user wrote, “Yes may see the similarity. Also, lots of different folks from all sides. Prince Philip’s family. In addition, the royal household. I think you’ve got the same type of attributes as Philip.” Alongside this, the other testimony noted wrote that you can find “Too many similarities between yourself, your kids and others for this to be a mere coincidence or conspiracy theory.”

However, the photo of Liam and the Queen is just a photo that’s changing non-believers to believers.

The photograph of Liam and the queen appeared to ignite a fire in those who’d fought to comprehend Simon’s concept ahead, however as this viral feeling took over the entire world he chose to strike his followers with a different contrast photograph. Even though it was a photograph of Liam, he’d marginally shorter hair and was and so was the queen.

But despite the age gap and the hair modification, his followers could not deny the similarities between both Liam and the queen. And since these followers understand more about Simon and his concept, a number have begun to do their own study to the thought that Charles and Camilla do have a love child. And it has become a bit of a detective job for many.

Lots of Simon’s followers don’t locate the notion of a secret love child that hard to think.

Rumors of Charles and Camilla’s secret love have been around for decades. These began to disperse before they got married in 2005, and even before Charles married Diana in 1981. And due to this, many of Simon’s followers do not find it difficult to think that he actually could function as a secret love child. In the end, there have been a lot of secrets within the Royal Family through the years.

Lots of followers adore the concept that Simon could finally be reunited with his biological parents, but others feel sorry for his or her plight. People of us who don’t feel that Charles and Camilla were destined to be collectively think this is only one more scandal that could have busted Princess Diana’s heart when she had been still living.

They’re also heavily invested in the love triangle between Charles, Camilla, and Diana inside the popular culture.

Fans of Diana still maintain her memory dear to them now. And while she passed away in 1997, they’re all exceptionally protective of her legacy. As a result of this, a lot of people would watch any tv show or film that follows her own life and see any story that involves her. That is the reason why so many men and women these days are speaking about Simon and his promise.

But a lot of what Simon says is not only a theory. It has been talked about in popular culture and even in official royal biographies in which Charles and Camilla had a love if they were younger. More especially, shows such as The Crown have educated us that their love wasn’t accepted by the royal household, which explains why he finally went on to wed Diana Spencer. Therefore, it might be possible that they had a secret love child in this time period.

Simon has speculated that Camilla and Charles had an affair as they had a joint link with their child.

While we know that Charles and Camilla went their individual ways and proceeded with new wives and husbands, Prince Charles’ approved biography says they started their illicit affair in 1986. This was only five years to his marriage with Diana and 13 years to Camilla’s marriage to Andrew Parker-Bowles.

for some time, this event went unnoticed. However, as rumors started to spiral and they had been seen at the very same events time after time, many began to wonder exactly what had been bringing them back together when they were equally apparently happy in their respective marriages. In Simon’s eyes, what attracted them back together might have been. He considers that when two individuals share a secret so large, there is nothing that could keep them away from one another.

He believes that princess Diana knew of his existence before she passed away.

Simon is currently sharing what he considers to be his reality with the planet, and he’s overwhelmed to learn his photograph proof has changed the minds of many unbelievers. But he believes that when Diana were alive, his life could have been quite different. That is because he asserts “The People’s Princess” did really know of his presence before she passed away.

Through a meeting in 2019, he noticed that when Diana were still alive, he would not need to go through a lot of hurdles to demonstrate he had been the secret love child of her ex-husband along with his mistress. And he talked more about Diana’s participation in his concealment through a meeting with New Idea.

Simon is convinced that Diana was going to go public with the secret and reveal her ex-husband gad a love child.

As part of the meeting, Simon contended that Diana had begun to know a bit more about Simon’s presence throughout the last few weeks of her life. And he suggests that Diana has been getting prepared to take this advice to people so that everybody understood about Prince Harry and Prince William’s possible half-brother. But obviously, that did not happen.

Simon stated to a new idea that, “At the moment, there were all kinds of rumors flying around about the Royal Family, and my own presence was among these. We think that Diana knew of my presence and that she’d put the bits together. I believe Diana was in a stage where she had been finding answers out about her life, how she had been wronged, and she was planning to go public with it.”

Today, Simon is taking it public himself in search of real answers about his heritage.

Though Diana could not take this royal disclosure general public, Simon is taking it on himself to find real answers concerning his loved ones and legacy. In 2012 he composed to Camilla and Prince Charles and summarized his concept. He desired them to admit his claims that he had been their secret love child, and he expected that his letters could strike up a dialogue between all of them.

But he received no reaction from the bunch. As a result of this, he’s since filed documents to the High Court in a bid to induce the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall to take a DNA test. He hopes that one day they’ll answer his cries, but thus far, they haven’t given his claims one period daily. Rather, he’s been shunned by the greater forces within the imperial circle.

In Simon’s eyes, the fact that Camilla and Charles have ignored his ask to get a DNA exam is further proof that he is correct.

Simon has attempted repeatedly to go through the appropriate channels to achieve Prince Charles and Camilla, but touching base with members of their royal household is not simple. The household is heavily guarded, and they get thousands and thousands of letters each and every year. But that does not mean that Simon has not been making any sounds.

Together with his favorite social networking site, Simon has also undertaken innumerable interviews through the years — both on television and in print. He understands that information of his concept needs to have reached the ears of Charles and Camilla but they are opting to keep the key safe. And in his eyes, he also considers this silence is merely further evidence that they are fearful of the secret coming into light.

Despite the fact his claims have gone viral, Simon maintains he does not want fame or a royal title.

Lots of Simon’s skeptics have indicated that he is simply making up a narrative for its fame and the money that come with being a royal. They consider he’s putting two and two together and making. And they think he is adding excitement into some normal adoption story which just happens to have a couple of coincidences thrown in for good measure.

However, Simon has noticed that he does not need the names or wealth that have been a royal household member. Now in his life he seems unbelievably blessed to have loving and wonderful kids, but he wants to understand just a bit more about his own biological family. He simply needs a DNA test to locate his birth parents.

Actually, Simon has stated the procedure to confirm his claim has really price him lots of cash.

In a television interview with Sunrise, Simon talked more about the criticism he’s faced through the years. His theories are branded as “eccentric,” and folks have described him as a”lunatic,” but he knows in his heart that there is truth to such claims. Especially because this entire procedure has put a strain on his loved ones and cost them a good deal of cash.

He said that “People seem to think I am getting a huge name and cash from the, I am not getting anything from the this is costing me to perform so. We are made to do so because we are tired of going about Australia concealing this secret that is not our trick.” So, he’s pledged not to stop in his struggle but rather continue to combat.

Simon will continue to post about his connections to the Royal Family on social networking.

Since the photograph of Liam and the queen turned into a viral feeling, Simon was spurred on even further from the onslaught of service He’s received. There are numerous people around who are currently attempting to help him talk about his reality, and it appears like he is not going to quit posting his imperial link on social networking.

But though Charles and Camilla have shunned Simon over time, his passion for the royal family hasn’t wavered. He regularly posts adoring posts about each of the relatives, including the likes of Prince Harry and Prince William — that he thinks to be his own half-brothers.

And he makes old, Simon is seeing more and more of the Royal Family in his look.

Though some have indicated that — largely because of the age difference — Simon does not seem like Prince William and Harry, Simon has begun to see more and more of their royal household in his look as he’s gotten older. And so have millions of people online. In reality, Simon has lost count of the amount of occasions people have compared him to the late Prince Philip.

And when his claims are accurate, it would not be unusual to get a grandchild to seem like their grandfather, as could be true for Prince Philip and Simon. Happily, whenever Simon articles such images on social networking, he’s satisfied with shock and belief in place of the disgust and the advice that he was able to get. It appears like people are beginning to think of him increasingly.

Simon has urged Camilla and Charles to just come clean and he can finally put his case to fight.

As more individuals stand by Simon’s side, the more stress the public appears to be placing Prince Charles, Camilla, and the entire royal family to engage in dialog regarding his claims. And Simon himself has advocated the couple to simply”come clean” so that he can eventually quit hounding them for whatever he considers to be the facts.

And he has noted that he is not likely to give in his struggle to understand his birth parents. In the conclusion of the afternoon, he’s just someone seeking to find out more about who his actual birth parents are, and it just so happens that the individuals he thinks to be his parents ‘ from the public eye and put to one day take the crown.

He hopes that 1 day his authentic heritage will become clear he could live his true self

For today, Charles and Camilla are staying silent. However, Simon expects that one day they’ll be eager to accept the concept is on the market, and he hopes that one day they’ll affirm that they did have a love child. This will permit one to live his authentic self and also to prove each of the haters wrong.

But before then, he’ll continue to live his own life along with his loved ones and keep posting new pictures onto his social websites page. Maybe as he places much more comparisons of his lookalike kids and possible household, the key will no more be a mystery. Perhaps the world will observe that he is your love child that has been the reason for countless rumors through time? It would surely be a scandal for the ages.