Binance holds the lead in the ranking of exchanges by the volume of bitcoin futures trading

Open interest in bitcoin futures is declining amid the cryptocurrency’s pullback. The figure now stands at $13.97 billion.

Binance continues to hold the lead in all leading indicators on the futures market. The trading volume of this product on the platform in the last 24 hours was about $20 billion.

Second place goes to OKEx, a cryptocurrency exchange. The amount of transactions with BTC futures on this trading platform is just over $5.36 billion. Binance also holds the leadership in terms of trading volumes of Etherium futures. The average daily amount of transactions with this product exceeds $9.7 billion.

I found in a report by JPMorgan that bitcoin is becoming less attractive compared to ether. As evidence of its findings, the bank cites evidence of rising premiums for ETH futures. They have increased by more than 1% in the past three weeks. Etherium products are becoming more popular every month, and this trend is likely to hold.