AvalancheGo node owners need to upgrade☝️

Owners of AvalancheGo nodes should update to the latest version to avoid incompatibility issues. Ava Labs engineer Patrick O’Grady announced this in an updated announcement.
❗️The need for an update, according to O’Grady, is due to large-scale changes to the code at the protocol level.
? “If your non-updated node is a validator, it means that other nodes will report reduced uptime for your node. This could jeopardize your staking rewards, ”the developer warned.
The Avalanche Mainnet AP4 update itself is scheduled for Thursday, September 23 at 00:00 UTC. According to the announcement, the update includes accelerated processing of block generation in the Avalanche blockchain, reduced fees, as well as the introduction of additional ones for the blocks themselves.
? According to the developers, users will never feel the imposition of block fees. This is necessary in order to combat malicious spammers generating blocks faster than usual.
☝️ Earlier it became known that unknown persons had hacked the decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol based on Avalanche called Zabu. As a result of the attack, the attackers managed to steal $ 3.2 million in cryptocurrency. The Zabu hack was the first major incident for the Avalanche ecosystem.