Analysis of prices for BTC, ETH, XRP (09/23/21) ?

✅ BTC / USD. Bitcoin price recovered to the 50% Fibonacci level (42447.96 USD) yesterday morning and buyers tried to break higher during the day. This could not be done at small volumes.
?Only in the second half of the day, when buyers were able to form an average bullish impulse, the BTC price broke through the 50% fibo (42447.96 USD) and at the end of the day marked the daily high around the level of 44030.00 USD.
At night, the volume of purchases decreased, and the pair consolidated in a sideways range, and this morning returned to the zone of yesterday’s high.
☝️If buyers keep the initiative, the price recovery will continue to the area of 45000.00 USD and the pair will test the resistance of 46000.00 USD until the weekend.
If today there is no support from large buyers, the pair will drop to the 50% fibo level (42447.96 USD).
✅ ETH / USD. Yesterday morning, on low volumes, the Ethereum price recovered above 2800.00 USD. In the afternoon, the recovery continued and by the end of the day the pair consolidated in a sideways range with support at the psychological level of 3000.00 USD.
☝️ At night, the already low buying volumes fell even more, but this morning the pair was able to come close to the level of 3100.00 USD. If large volumes of buyers join the trades, the growth may continue to the resistance of 3200.00 USD.
On small volumes, sellers can easily seize the initiative and return the pair to support at 2800.00 USD.
✅ XRP / USD. There was no bearish pressure yesterday morning and the XRP price managed to gain a foothold above the 0.900 USD support.