Olympus is launching an interesting product, Olympus Pro, built on their successful experience with bonds. It should (ideally) solve the problem of projects where too much and uncontrolled issuance deflates the project or puts itself in such a state that it cannot survive a bear market.

If you’ve seen a Nicky signed (3,3) or (1,1) on Twitter, they are followers of Olympus. The project itself is a coin that has a minimum price (DAI, FRAX, LUSD, etc.), but has no ceiling, if the participants in the system mostly act on the most profitable scheme of the game theory, where (3,3) is (win,win) for all participants, and the number 3 is $OHM-stacking.

A ponzi scheme built on game theory. Capa is already $1.5 billion and the project did not collapse when the market fell, it seems to be working so far.

I learned about Olympus Pro from one of the Lau brothers, then I watched a video by Robin from Defiant.