40+ People Talk About Times Their Mother-in-Law Made Them Want to Scream

A lot people have a story or two about our in-laws, but some of us have it a great deal worse than many others. Do not get us wrong: a few in-laws are excellent and may actually be instant parents to us, but that’s all-too often not true.

We count ourselves lucky when we could afford a cordial relationship together. However, it is always great to commiserate with others. Here are some of the most horrifying mother-in-law tales on the internet!

An insulting compliment

Many mothers-in-law simply can not bring themselves to create an unconditional compliment. Rather, they couch what they state in such a way that it can not be construed as anything other than a veiled insult or put down. All too frequently, this kind of rude behavior by MILs shows up on the day that their kids are getting married.

We’re not certain why this occasion sometimes brings out the worst in mother-in-laws, but it can be spectacularly offensive when that is the case. It’s almost like their decorum is thrown out the window for the big moment.

The endless blame game

For many, it can look like mothers-in-law have a inclination to be passive aggressive and argumentative. Though they might not realize how it comes around, these exchanges can feel just like biting personal attacks and of course sniping. Just take this tweet remembering one mother-in-law’s behaviour as an example.

She was critiquing her daughter-in-law’s hair maintenance while simultaneously praising her post-haircut look. Aside from the fact that the remark was completely unnecessary, it disregarded the fact of the world that led to the closure of hairdressers.

How did she not notice?

What could you do if your mother-in-law turned up at your wedding wearing a wedding gown? We can not imagine what the response was, or even why she’d bring out her gown to such an event.

Nevertheless, it is great to also be aware that the bride-to-be doesn’t feel her mother-in-law was acting maliciously, or at all trying to upstage her at her own wedding. In fact, she moved on to note that her in-law had done a great deal for her loved ones, and the situation appeared to become out-of-character.

Conversations without any purpose

Small talk can be a challenge at the best of times, especially when those discussions go on random tangents. In-laws specifically seem to have a tendency to broach topics which come out of nowhere.

Obviously , they can not just be rebuffed by telling them that the subject isn’t interesting, or that you are otherwise not in the mood to talk. So, what to do? At minimum, you nod politely and seem as though you’re invested in the apparently aimless conversation.

Check and mate for all in-laws

A global pandemic is not an easy time. Besides the danger of a virus itself, you will find the lockdowns, the inability to travel, and also a gruelling sense of isolation. 1 unexpected advantage that is accompanied by an unprecedented pandemic is that no one has probably experienced that before.

that has to frustrate many mother-in-laws who can not provide up unwanted guidance by invoking their particular life experiences. No dwelling in-law, after all, can recount how they coped with quarantines, lockdowns, or toilet paper shortages. Obviously, that still does not make a worldwide pandemic palatable.

Tis the season for ingratitude

Christmas is a time for kindness and giving. Presents are exchanged, and everyone typically shows their gratitude even when the gift may not always be to their liking. Unfortunately, not everyone is so considerate because this poster found out when his mother-in-law rebuffed that which he got her.

What have to have been galling to him was that he had knitted the gloves that he gifted her. All that effort went into nought. No, one would blame him if he did not even bother the following Christmas.

There’s a reason why it’s created for cats

Even though some things may appear similar, that does not mean they may be utilized in place of each other. Paneer, for example, might resemble tofu, but it actually contains milk so that would be off-limits for vegans. Similarly, turtles and tortoises are entirely different species.

This mother-in-law saw some dry cement in the shed, which she thought may be utilized as an alternative to cat sand. Suffice it to state, dry cement is entirely ill-suited to fulfilling that particular niche.

Was that really necessary?

Particular mothers-in-law seem as if they are poised to unleash a passive-aggressive opinion whenever the opportunity arises. Maybe, then, it was inevitable that what should happen to be an innocuous game night ended up being calmed by a lamentably rude remark. Even though this mother-in-law was not being intentionally rude, the quip was still uncalled for.

She may have meant for her remark for a benign throwaway, but it wasn’t received well by her own daughter-in-law. Really, it wouldn’t be surprising if that really is the last family game night for a while.

However, you did not even cover!

There’s nothing more exasperating then whenever someone tries to guilt you into demonstrating gratitude for nothing. Just study this account to determine one mother-in-law perfectly illustrate what that sounds like.

She ended up turning what should have been a beautiful cruise into an opportunity to apparently portray her DIL as ungrateful. The context is uncertain, but the MIL did not have a leg to stand considering that the daughter-in-law paid for her own ticket and expenses. Thanks for nothing!

Discover from her mistakes, seemingly

Remember that song out of Enchanted,”Mother Knows Best?” Well, it can sometimes seem that in-laws have similar mindsets. After all, they too often have an opinion or two to give out while standing in judgement of someone else’s actions. Even though it’s usually couched as advice, it can come off as sententious, like how they may have done things better.

It may be frustrating to experience, particularly when it seems to be hypocritical. Regrettably, even though it were to be called outside, it mayn’t be sufficient for them to come down from their high horse.

That’s outrageous behavior

Regrettably, you will find mother-in-laws out there whose behaviour is just deplorable. They not only take every opportunity to insult their child’s spouse, but even scheme against them. We can’t understand what might drive someone to such extremes.

However, this MIL went out with her vindictiveness by telling her grandchild to tell teachers a dangerous lie to their teachers about her soon to be son-in-law. Not only is this behavior irresponsible but it shows a entire lack of respect for any of her relatives.

That is not the compliment you think that it is

Backhanded compliments would be the worst. When given without ill-intent, they’re still anything but nice. Unfortunately, lots of mother-in-laws utilize this technique to insult their new relatives without being overtly offensive.

Yet, it is a strategy that’s anything but subtle. Indeed, a number of these faux compliments usually focus on commenting on the supposed weight reduction. Sure, the body positivity may only have gained prominence in recent years. However, it’s doubtful there has ever been a time in history when it has been considered proper to discuss someone’s weight.

Sudden change of plans

Unfortunately, some folks just really, really dislike their mothers-in-law. Indeed, when there is such power of feeling, their mere presence can sour the atmosphere. Obviously, it’s ideal to avoid them wherever possible if that’s the situation. Even then, we’re not so sure if this should mean forgoing some valuable holiday time with the household to maintain working.

That is exactly what this poster’s colleague did when they discovered that their mother-in-law was going to be tagging alone. We can not imagine how much bad blood there is for someone to go to such extraordinary lengths.

An unrelenting campaigner

This is another entry in the pantheon of pushy mother-in-laws dispensing with subtlety and restraint. Yes, this MIL’s fire about getting grandchildren is almost endearing. However, it also shows a entire disregard for decorum and too little respect for the privacy of her son and daughter-in-law.

This MIL’s actions in particular go beyond what could be considered proper behaviour. It’s all the more unsettling given the circumstance of the daughter-in-law having undergone complications with previous pregnancies.

Telling it like it is

Why so many parents and in-laws absence inhibition or blocker is a question for the ages. When somebody does lack any restraint, then it may lead to the most excruciating exchanges together.

They just refuse to hold back together with their observations and opinions, no matter how offensive or they might be. Mothers-in-law, in particular, can embrace the no-filter lifetime to complete extremes. It is almost as though they thrive on the play and upset their opinions and ideas can cause.

Perhaps give it a break?

Here is a combo of 2 stereotypical mother-in-law fixations: weight and pregnancy. We’re not sure if that MIL was being malicious, or has been simply being over eager about the notion of becoming a grandmother.

Either way, the MIL wound up drawing attention to her daughter-in-law’s weight. At best, it had been inconsiderate and tactless. In case her daughter-in-law was pregnant, she would surely tell her. So there was no need to make her sense self-conscious by incessantly asking whether she was with child.

Tales from the Twilight Zone

Many people assert that their mother-in-law has to be straight from a Hollywood horror film. Oftentimes, when they fancy the reason why they believe, it’s easy to arrive at the conclusion they were hyperbolic.

That can’t be claimed of the situation this DIL found herself in with her profoundly troubled mother-in-law. Her erratic behavior persisted for years, even following the DIL obtained a divorce. It is a bizarre tale and provides incontrovertible evidence that this MIL had a lot of assistance.

The insidious insults

A fair few MILs seem to have perfected the tactful insult. Those are the type of barbs that straddle that fine line between being offensive and passive aggression. Actually, to some mother-in-laws, these kinds of insults may even be considered an artform.

These will eat away at a individual’s self-esteem and assurance. However, they’re also not so egregious that they are easily able to be called outside without inducing severe escalation. It is best, therefore, if this daughter-in-law only opts to demonstrate her up with all the benefits she makes in the gym.

Beating around the bush

This is one example where a mother-in-law was only trying to be tactful. After all, she herself might not have been comfortable speaking about that delicate stage in life, despite different adults. And, if you’re likely to use a euphemism, then you might too make it funny and adorable. These words certainly apply to”metamorphosis.”

While it may look like an opaque and odd option, the term-of-phrase immediately conjured up some humorous pictures from the daughter-in-law. Even though it is a little perplexing why her mind went to giant cockroaches instead of butterflies.