1️⃣ Internet Computer brings smart contracts to Bitcoin

The Dfinity Foundation reported that Internet Computer will use so-called chain-key cryptography to integrate smart contracts into the Bitcoin network.

? “Internet Computer will have access to bitcoin’s liquidity and Bitcoin will have powerful new smart contracts without having to build cumbersome and insecure bridges,” said Dfinity Foundation founder Dominic Williams.

? After 5 years of development, Internet Computer was launched and immediately ranked in the top 10 by capitalization

(https://t.me/SIGEN_Media/2138)2️⃣ Meanwhile, DeFi- project Portal, which aims to create a decentralized finance ecosystem based on Bitcoin blockchain, has raised $8.5 million in investment backed by Coinbase Ventures, OKEx, ArringtonXRP Capital and others.

Portal is based on Fabric technology. The project aims to introduce a Layer 2 solution to the Bitcoin blockchain to reduce the load on the first cryptocurrency’s network and form a complete DeFi-ecosystem.

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