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? Bitcoin fell below $40,000 today before bouncing up sharply.

? Read our analysis (https://media.sigen.pro/analitycs/7302) of the crypto market, including UMI.

⛔️ The U.S. accused Russia’s Suex of laundering more than $160 million. Firm co-founder Vasily Zhabykin denies illegal activity.

? Chainalysis monitors (https://media.sigen.pro/lightning/7277) users through its own blockchain reviewer.

? Snoop Dogg has admitted that the famous NFT collector CozomoMedici is him.

? SEC head Gary Gensler again criticized (https://media.sigen.pro/lightning/7280) the crypto industry.

? The Kraken app now allows cryptocurrency purchases via Apple Pay and Google Pay.

⚠️ Most NFTs are not in demand, according to (https://media.sigen.pro/lightning/7284) analysts.

? Robinhood has confirmed intentions to begin testing the cryptocurrency wallet next month.

? Dapper Labs (developer of NBA Top Shot and Flow) raised $250 million at a valuation of $7.6 billion.

✅ The UAE has allowed cryptocurrency trading.

⚡️ 1inch Network launched on Arbitrum network.